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We currently own and operate more than 155 restaurants from coast to coast, with more to come in 2015. We believe that we have viable opportunities to develop 400+ restaurants domestically over time.

Our management team is keenly focused on talent building and development. New restaurant openings results in numerous career opportunities throughout the country.

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We are an award winning company with an "of service" culture, anchored by solid hospitality and guided by our compass of quality.


Featured Opportunities

To see a complete list of all open positions SEARCH our job board or go to a career category page for more information.

Job Title Location
Kitchen Manager - Santa Rosa, CA Santa Rosa, CA
Restaurant Manager - Miami, FL Doral, FL
*Career Fair Event March 18th & 19th- Akron, OH* Akron, OH
Line Cook Arlington (South), Arlington, TX
Dishwasher Arlington (South), Arlington, TX
Line Cook Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, OH
Server Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, OH
Service Assistant Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, OH
Host Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, OH
Bartender Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, OH
Take Out Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, OH
Line Cook Boulder, CO
Prep Cook Boulder, CO
Dishwasher Boulder, CO
Line Cook San Rafael, CA
Dishwasher San Rafael, CA
Server San Rafael, CA
Service Assistant San Rafael, CA
Host San Rafael, CA
Take Out San Rafael, CA
Line Cook Pembroke Pines, FL
Line Cook Colorado Springs, CO
Prep Cook Colorado Springs, CO
Dishwasher Colorado Springs, CO
Line Cook Portland, Hillsboro, OR
Dishwasher Portland, Hillsboro, OR
Line Cook Pinellas Park, FL
Server Pinellas Park, FL
Service Assistant Pinellas Park, FL
Host Pinellas Park, FL

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